Calamansi Juice Health Benefits

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Most often, we suffer from ailments caused by infection of different microorganism in our body, due to our immune system. Most conscious people consider natural method of treatment rather than chemicals. In boosting the body’s immune system, citrus fruits are very effective having high in Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C content.

Calamansi is a fruit grown all over Southeast Asia and it is very popular in the Philippines as it called a “golden lime”. It is extremely beneficial for the body as it eliminate the toxins that result to a faster weight loss. It is also perfect vitamin rich in citrus fruits enhanced your beauty and bringing glow on your face.

Warm lemon water, a perfect morning drink, as it assists the digestive system and made the process easier in eliminating waste products from the body. Lime Juice is considered beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders. Aside from that, taking Calamansi Juice first thing in the morning could add a great value in constipation.

It has been said, drinking Calamansi Juice increases the body’s resistance to disease, prevents eye disorder and aids the healing of wounds. It also prevents tooth decay, bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth due to its vitamin C content which helps in maintaining the health of the teeth.

A lot of people enjoy drinking Calamansi Juice while some believes, that is only a refreshing drink. Definitely, it is a refreshing drink. But there were health benefits a Calamansi Juice were offering that we are not aware of.

Here are some benefits of Calamansi juice:

  • Skin Bleaching Agent
  • Serves as body cleanser
  • Use as body deodorant
  • Lightens dark area of the body like armpits and elbows
  • Lightens freckles
  • Good as Mouthwash
  • Cure coughs and expel the phlegm
  • Helpful in dealing with a Hangover
  • Prevent and Cure Osteoarthritis
  • Maintains Kidney Health
  • Great tonic for the Liver
  • Prevent Diabetes
  • Lighten Urine Color
  • Lowers blood cholesterol

In preparing Calamansi Juice, you will need:

5 pieces big green calamansi fruit
White Sugar
A glass of cold or warm water according to your choice

  1. Clean the calamansi fruit and cut into two.
  2. Squeeze to get the juice and pour into the glass of water.
  3. You can separate the seed using a fork when squeezing.
  4. Add the sugar to taste then stir and drink.

Nonetheless, drinking Calamansi Juice is definitely a natural and effective, to keep your kidney healthy. At no specific time, ten or more calamansi fruit in a glass of water are needed to consume. Aside from that, it also eliminates urine odor and lighten urine color.

Calamansi Juice has anti-bacterial property which is effective and natural mouthwash as it eliminates morning breath.

In addition, Calamansi Juice is much cheaper than any other health and beauty products over the counter, but it contains similar benefits, yet natural.

Health is wealth! Therefore, I’d highly suggest Calamansi Juice to add on your daily consumption to maintain a good health and beauty without harmful side effects.

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99 Responses to Calamansi Juice Health Benefits

  1. sheila says:

    good day…. is it true that calamansi juice with sugar prevent ulcer etc?

    • Gerry says:

      Yes, and it also cleanse your body. Getting rid of waste in your lungs. I’ve been smoking for 50 years and I stopped smoking since 2003, about ten years ago. I had a doctor checked my lungs, amazingly my lungs are clear of nicotine. My tongue, used to be with black spots, it’s now going pinkish.

    • liza labuan says:

      can calamansi juice pure without water damage the kidney? it is true the pure calamnsi juice is acidic and can damage kidney? thank you and hope it will be answer..

      • make me smile even once says:

        all citrus fruits are acidic.
        Once absorbed by our body it will become alkaline.

      • Tess Macabuat says:

        can calamansi juice pure without water damage the kidney? it is true the pure calamnsi juice is acidic and can damage kidney? thank you and hope it will be answer.

      • Edgar says:

        @ liza labuan.. No, to both questions. Citrus fruits, like calamansi, have an acid pH before they are consumed and but can leave an alkaline residue in the body after they have been metabolized.
        I know people with ulcers who drinks pure calamansi every morning with amazing result. They were cured!

  2. owenruth says:

    Thank you so much for this blog, ill definitely try this one. God bless!

  3. marie chell says:

    yes….. calamansi juice is really effective….

  4. Digna Jocelyn L. Abaya says:

    But this really gave me ease.

  5. Athenia says:

    Thanks for this helpful information.

  6. myrna abad says:

    Calamansi juice really works as antidote almost all ailment……

  7. ginah says:

    I am confused. I’ve been told that pure calamansi juice taken every morning 30 minutes before breakfast is good for the body and even cures stomach ulcers. It should not be mixed with water because once you mix it with water it will become acidic which is not good for people with stomach disorders like ulcer.

    • Rolando N. Luego says:

      I guess it is true because I have been drinking pure kalamansi juice (28 or pcs.) on an empty stomach for more a year now without let-up and my acid reflux was gone, never felt it anymore. So think it is good for ulcer too because acid reflux is somewhat precursor to ulcers I guess. Try it and see for yourself.

    • feb says:

      yes its true that pure calamansi is good and it can heal illnesses, but do not mix it with water. what i do is when i wake up, i slice 14 calamansi with a porcelain knife, squeeze it and drink it immediately coz normally, calamansi is not acidic when you drink it before 5 mins from extracting and you should not slice it with a metal knife coz it would react to metal and that would make it acidic. this is what i’m doing for a month now and I thank God coz my fbs result in sept was 107 and my cholesterol was 243 but as i’ve undergone lab test just this am,my fbs went down to 100 that is already normal and my cholesterol went down too to 212, still need to go down to 200, which is the normal range but it realy worked Thanks God!

      • Grace says:

        Hi – this is very informative – where can you get calamansi in the states? or what is the best substitute? Thank you

    • make me smile even once says:

      This is not true.
      All Citrus fruits are acidic.
      Pure Calamansi Juice is acidic but when ingested and absorbed by our body it will become alkaline.
      It is also not true that when water is mixed with Pure calamansi juice it will become acidic. Water is neutral, so if you can still remember a lesson in your chemistry class, mixing any acidic liquid with water reduces its acidity.

  8. apple says:

    I really love drinking lime juice but don’t really exactly know about it’s health benefits, Thanks for this!
    And by the way, just wanna ask if lime juices could have a benefits to cellulite? I have recently purchased a digital product anti-cellulite package from Cellulite Free in 90 Days and I noticed that the author didn’t include details about limes or didn’t even created a recipe with limes. I would be more pleased if limes could have a contribution to reducing cellulite!

  9. Yna Alexa says:

    Drinking pure calamansi (8-14 pcs) first thing in the morning (w/o water nor sugar, just pure) and not drinking/eating anything for an hour is the effective way of detoxifying using calamansi. I’ve been doing this regimen for 3weeks now and I’m attesting to the ff benefits:
    1. Improves Digestion
    2. Effective mouthwash and cures bad breathe
    3. Cures cough and phlegm
    4. Eliminates my monthly PMS
    5. Indeed helpful in dealing with hangover

  10. Jhapz says:

    My Calamansi Remedy.. Good thing we have many calamansi here in my country, Philippines.. This is really a big help for my health.. I have a Bronchial Asthma and I can prevent my asthma attacks now by drinking pure calamansi juice every twice a week.. it’s good as my inhaler & nebule tubes..

  11. Aiko says:

    Very helpful informations for everybody. Keep it up! Sharin is caring. God bless you! :)

    • jennifergerundalabapies says:

      yes it is very true in fact i’ve started it just last year of december, Im taking it as my daily booster resistance, and just for 3 weeks the effect is so fast i lose my weight. with out the sideeffect, i dont have experience any sickness like asthma or cough, constipation, and headache. I never also feel tired in my work. I take calamansi juice before taking a bath, after breakfast, and before bedtime. I use 3 pieces of fruit calamansi in a 1 liter of water (hot or cold), then a pinch of salt.

  12. Roderic Dalida says:

    what the best time to take calamansi juice when a person is at work on 3rd shift 10pm to 6 am

  13. Jaquiline says:

    As well for those who are hopeless to loose their weight calamansi juice in warm water is an effective one based on my experienced. You try it for you to believe.

  14. lany says:

    is it true that the calamansi juice is good for ulcer patient?

    • Rolando N. Luego says:

      Yes, it works. I had been suffering from acid reflux, nearly hospitalized for it. But since I took a daily dose of pure kalamansi juice (28 or more pcs.) in an empty stomach for more than a year now, I never felt that sickness again. Thanx to bo sanchez.

  15. hope it help my sick high blood

    • isasuerte says:

      that is true base on my experience i mean my father has hypertension or high blood pressure if he suffer attacks due to that,as experiments, he drink pure calamansi .,now thank God he has normal blood pressure

  16. Cecilia Bautista Anicoche says:

    I have to try…….

  17. jee says:

    yes! i agree with this! calamansi is rich in antioxidant that makes our skin glow.

  18. anthony says:

    its better to take Kalamansi Juice Without Sugar……Sugar is bad for the body

    • Jan Estanislao says:

      Oo true nakkbb ng timbang when u drink calamansi with warm water two pieces of calamansi pagkagising at bago matulog ang ginawa ko dati 63 kls ako ngayun 60 kilos na lang …nakktulong talaga ..based on my experienced..

  19. Billso says:

    I am now experimenting the results of daily drinking of pure calamansi juice. I am suffering from diabetes disease and my maintenance on medicines is quiet big which affects my daily family budget. I hope so much that this will help lower my blood sugar.

  20. jun says:

    Try calamansi with wild honey. its very nutritious and refreshing! But, use only organically grown calamansi since many farms bombard their calamansi buds until they become harvestable fruits with pesticides almost 3 times a week to rid off fruit flies.

  21. paul says:

    is this good in curing gonorrhea?

  22. jim says:

    it’s nice to know that this fruit which grows right in our backyard has lots of benefits. I’ll drink pure calamansi now every morning, instead of just using it as ‘sawsawan’

  23. yanie5 says:

    I just wanna know if calamansi is equal to lemon in evrething in use and benifits?

  24. every day to take calamansi w/o water pure calamansi what is side effects for me aim 35 years old

  25. Sharon Taran says:

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  26. Marilet Laniog says:

    Is it good to drink pure calamasi juice in the morning?

  27. Carene says:

    is calamansi juice good for those who suffer UTI?

  28. amy says:

    i prepare calamansi juice using non metallic utensils. for cutting i use ceramic knife , non metallic strainer and not a single drop of water. The reason is using metallic knife and strainer ,and a single drop of water will make the juice acidic. i drink 15 calamansi daily before breakfast. Taste the difference using the above utensils.

  29. Manny says:

    Detoxify my liver in three weeks. amazing!! pure 13 calamansi together with grape juice and Exercise, Boom !!!

  30. Maria says:

    Hello Good Day to all my Co-readers here!!!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences about drinking CALAMANSI Juice., I just wanna know if there’s a different between the Pure Calamansi (i mean the fresh one) and the one that can be buy in a bottle (Philippines concentrated Calamansi juice) the one that can be buy in a super market.?.

    Thanks for the response ….

  31. WENNIE says:

    It’s my first time to me to drink now a warm calamansi juice what a feeling good! Try it now

  32. Ai yi says:

    From now on …. I will try to do dis calamanci pure drinking theraphy…3times daily…. Ive so many relate pain causes that calamanci can cure… Half kilo calamansi daily are not bad for everyday healthy life… .. Ill be back in a month to comment on this result… Thanks for this big info… BeBless….

  33. maven says:

    i’ve been using it for 8yrs.. all over my body, made my skin whiten’s plus kuminis ang skin ko. Drinking calamansi juice every morning, i alrealy lose my just 2months. it’s natural and no chemical that can harm in our body.. so effective!!!!

  34. mila m. says:

    Thanks to God who made it!

  35. Faustino says:

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    has huge potential, for the monetizing method, just type
    in google – K2 advices how to monetize a website

  36. RENE BELJERA says:

    If you have multiple erosions in between normal mocusa in the colon due to amoeba and if you have gallstones that causes your stomach to bloat and you feel nauseated, is it advisable to take pure calamansi juice upon waking up in the morning on an empty stomach?

  37. myan rabino says:

    is this calamanci juice will help to lossen weight?

  38. Roger E. Lumayag Jr. says:

    Can I drink calamansi in warm water with empty stomach first thing in the morning for a very long time?

  39. gie r. says:

    its true calamansi really helps in losing weight and it helps in relieving stomach problem, BUT should be strictly taken without food(at least one hour before taking breakfast) otherwise, it goes the other way round it will cause ulcer.If ts taken concentrated it is alkaline but when taken with food it becomes acidic.

  40. bevelyn09 says:

    wowwww!!!!i’m dying to loose more weight but it’s so hard….i will try this remedy!!! tnx everyone for this helpful information……tnx again…..i-update ko kayo about my results after 2 weeks…

  41. Sheila radan says:

    its my second day since i started taking lime juice every morning
    everything was nice except that during night time, i didnt noticed
    i already pee in my pants it started when i take this calamansi
    regimen…is this is a natural side effects..???

  42. charie says:

    which is good drinking calamansi juice with sugar and water or only pure calamansi?

  43. ruben says:

    I can attest that drinking calamansi juice is really a big help for me. I used to drink calamansi juice every morning 1 hour before I eat my breakfast or sometimes 1 hour after you eat. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years now. True! the condition of my body is very good I did not experience fever or flu even headache, I realy really thank GOD for giving us this wonderful calamansi

  44. Cathrine says:

    My mom has been drinking calamansi juice every morning and she’s not taking her maintenance pill for her liver anymore and her asthma attacks has been mild that she can bear it without nebule. I just started drinking calamansi today, hope it helps with my constipation and works with my body fats as well. Hope to see good results! \m/

  45. mylene says:

    i’ve heard so much about drinking warm lemon water in the morning. can calamansi be substituted for lemon, since it’s much cheaper and easily available?

  46. Sharhana Sarapuddin says:

    Does Calamansi has its Pediculicidal property or can help to get rid headlice like citrus lemon?

  47. racquel ibia says:

    Is calamansi juice help lossen weight? First tym po kc uminom ?

  48. marisa says:

    Thanks for a beneficial website

  49. Bernadette Alison says:

    This is very helpful. Super thanks this info. !

  50. isabel says:

    i’ve been using a calamansi tea it’s an herbal tea in a powdered form i had my abnormal menstration for about 2months, since I’ve been drinking this calamansi tea for almost 20 days i had my menstration BUT lots of blood that a size of a coin lumabas yung mga blood na nag sanhi nang “layag” or abnormal menstration ko na detoxify yung matres ko lumabas lahat ang dumi and it feels good for me to experience this ngayun lang nangyari sakin to na almost 10 na blood clot na ang lumabas kasi bad effect daw yun pag hindi maka labas sa uterus mo maging sanhi daw nang mayoma kaya masaya ako sa result next time pure calamansi naman gagamitin ko. :)

  51. susaine says:

    My feeling is always bloated after meal and I have heartburn too, is calamansi juice is good to take?

  52. ROWENA says:

    ill try this..thank you for the information u shared

  53. Ella says:

    It’s true..drinking pure calamansi juice without water & sugar will work wonders. I have been drinking it for a year now. 28 pcs everyday, after I wake up on an empty stomach. My work is on a night shift & I drink my pure calamansi juice when I woke up in the afternoon. It relieves constipation, I lost weight, my asthma attack has lessen and my immune system is stronger. Thank you, Lord. To GOD be the glory!

  54. roy capuso says:

    Some doctors said,you must drink the calamansi juice without water in the morning because it is more effective,is it true?

  55. elaine adrao calamansi says:

    On my part,id been doing this drinking calamansi juice as a habit and I dont see negative effects happened to me, otherwise it will stop me in the first place if I saw some side effects that can cause harmful in my body .after using it as my regimen…

  56. Jei says:

    Oh thanks re calamansi juice info. I just started taking it–following all those tips I read. Many thanks.

  57. jezza temprosa says:

    Hi good ev .nabasa KO lahat ng comments about how is calamansi ask KO lang po is that good for to drink every morning .that my right lung ay my water

  58. adrian says:

    i would love to try it and excited for the result.

  59. Liezl says:

    Thank u for sharing this blog. The day i read this, i started to do it because i also wanted to strengthen my immune system. I have a bronchial asthma, i easily got cold or flu, but when i started drinking pure calamansi juice i already felt the changes in my health in one month. Now i don’t have any medicine to take. My asthma attacks were minimal. Thank u to god and to those who shared this too. Let us spread the good news and love thru sharing our knowledge :)

  60. Josephine Rivera says:

    Is it ok to drink calamansi juice with water and no sugar after waking up, and after eating meals

  61. Sheena says:

    Today i spent 300 bucks for platinium roulette system
    , i hope that i will make my first money online

  62. Jhan says:

    if u take calamansi juice in the morning upon wake-up, how many calamansi fruits are required for those who suffered illness like ulcer?

  63. dette says:

    Drink it pure. I’ve been drinking pure calamansi juice 1 hour before breakfast for 3 weeks now. I used to have a pre-ulcer condition. I spit blood almost every morning due to high acidity/acid reflux. I started with 4 pieces of calamansi. The next morning, I was amazed the bloody spit was gone. I increased the number of calamansi by 2’s every morning until I’m using 22-24 pcs now and the result is great. I also noticed that my dysmenorrhea disappeared . I tried drinking lemon with honey and water 30 mins before breakfast in 2013 but it aggravated my acidity that started my pre-ulcer condition. I was skeptical to try this calamansi thing but thanks God I did. I’ll update you with some more good effects of it if I experience more.

  64. Slasher says:

    Is it true that taking pure calamansi every morning can cure Acid Reflux?

  65. naj says:

    Calamansi juice refreshes my body.
    It boost my immune system,keeps me
    Away from illnesses and protects my body against harmful diseases…

  66. melvin says:

    Its evrything true..

  67. Is it good to drink calamansi juice + salabat powder to cure gout nd arthritis?

  68. Rowena Repil says:

    ok lng po ba n gamitan ko ng calamansi ang baby ko for her skin , hnd po b ng dry ang skin nia , she is 1 year old now , please response , thanks

  69. PAULA C. AGUIMAN says:

    I’ve tried pure calamansi juice 6 pcs. early in the morning upon rising up followed by 2 glasses of water after 10 minutes time, for a month period. After one month of regular intake, I submitted myself for lipid panel examination. Praise God, my examination results are negative I am doing this because of my high cholesterol level. For this reason , calamansi juice is my natural health drink .

  70. Dhean Christian T. Lim says:

    can I replace sugar with honey?

  71. samuel cook says:

    I have been drinking calamansi juice every morning for years and i’m 78 years old and my cock is hard as a rock and my girlfriend says it tastes so good.

  72. marivic odrunia says:

    yes…i love calamansi juice.

  73. Mtbl says:

    Is there any side effect in this? Coz we have been doing this for 2 months now including my 8 year old kind and im wondering if it has a side effects on kids coz i love the effect on my part. Please reply thanks.

  74. do calamansi juice can really heal a sourthrough?

  75. christine says:

    The result of drinking calamansi juice every morning is so amazing.

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  77. Misharu says:

    I’ve drank calamansi with water back then when I had severe cough. I barely couldn’t breathe because of it. but I drank calamansi with water and then it was gone by weeks. thanks for the tip that water makes calamansi acidic :)

  78. someone says:

    i hope that calamansi juice can cure my blood and liver….

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