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Mangosteen, Treatment for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a common problem experiencing by almost half of the population of women all over the world and is most common cause of death in women in an early age of 45. It is caused by uncontrolled growth … Continue reading

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Dragon Fruit for Healthy Living

Dragon fruit or some called it “pitaya” have been thriving in the market these days because of its unique physical features and claimed to have medicinal value because of its richness in nutrients. It is the fruit of several cactus … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Juice for Healthy Living

Native from Iran, Northern India and other part of Southern Asia that is widely cultivated all through in the Southeast Asia, Middle East and partly Africa is Pomegranate. Its name was derived from Spain which known as the city of … Continue reading

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Amazing Spinach Juice Benefits

From where does Popeye the sailor obtain all his power to fight? As the children reply, it comes from spinach that gives the lean sailor such immense muscle! Spinach is a nutritional plant grown in a year-round in most climates. … Continue reading

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