Cranberry Juice Health Benefits

Have you ever tried finding something that is good for certain diseases? Here’s a good catch for you! The Cranberry Juice…

It is one of the healthiest drinks available and is a good source of vitamins that can help flush out bad bacteria of the body. It also contains manganese, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, vitamin A and beta-carotene.

There are several benefits we can get in drinking this cranberry juice. Those are follows:

Can prevent Gum Diseases and Cavities

Cranberries are rich in vitamin C, the high amount of acid that can help break down and prevent the formation of kidney stones. The adhesion of different types of bacteria that cause periodontal gum disease has been shown to be inhibited by consuming cranberry juice. These compounds inhibit the growth of various cancer cells. Chemicals in cranberries also prevent multiplication of breast cancer cells.

Can prevent and Cure Stomach Conditions

Drinking cranberry juice can protect you against developing bacteria forming in our stomach ulcer and certain gastrointestinal conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Cranberry juice has the ability of destroying the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. Regular consumption of cranberry juice for months can destroy these bacteria and saves you from such stomach related troubles.  In severe cases of infection, this may lead to stomach cancer.

Can prevent Certain Types of Cancer

Including cranberry juice in your diet can prevent certain kind of cancers. It helps destroy and inhibit the growth of tumors that can cause cancer. It has been proven that consuming cranberry juice regularly can effectively be helpful for people who undergone ovarian cancer chemotherapy. It is also beneficial for anti-aging and it is the reason why it deserves some merit.

Can prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Cranberry juice contains powerful antioxidants which help to prevent the damages caused by free radicals. Drinking cranberry juice helps in the increase of good cholesterol and the reduction of bad cholesterol. The polyphenols present in cranberry juice helps improve the health of the cardiovascular system.

Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Cranberry juice reduces the risk of getting osteoporosis since it is a good source of calcium.

Can avoid Respiratory Infections

Cranberry juice helps to inhibit certain strains of the Haemophilus influenza, which said to be a common cause of ear and respiratory infections in children.

Can prevent the Formation of Kidney Stones

The high amount of acid component in cranberry juice can prevent kidney stones formation.

Can Cure Colds

Sore throats, colds and other infections can effectively be fight by drinking fresh cranberry juice.

Good for Obese People

For people who want to shed those extra kilos, cranberry juice is one of the best ways because, it has emulsifying effect on the fat deposits in our body.

Can avoid Urinary Tract Infections

Cranberry juice contains chemical compounds called proanthocyanidis, which is known as a powerful antioxidants which decreases the adherence of bacteria to the bladder cells.

Cranberry juice is very effective against urinary tract infections, because it produce hippuric acid in the urine and prevents bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. Drinking one glass of cranberry juice everyday reduces the risk of infections and prevents cystitis.

In order to improve your health condition, I’d highly suggest you consume unsweetened cranberry juice for maximum health benefit of you. It might taste a bit of sour for medicinal purposes but it is good for your overall health. It contains many valuable nutrients that manifest their important function in our body. Start it now for better health!

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