Health Benefits in Drinking Basil Juice

Couple of months ago, I came across this medicinal plant which i planned to experiment with my aquaponic system, sadly enough, I wasn’t able to grow any seeds. The seeds i bought may have expired already. Anyhow, below should give you a short overview of the miracles of this nice green leafy plant.

Basil leaves is known as a king of all herbs and is one of the oldest and popular herbal plant that belong to the species of a small mint plant which contain several tiny oil glands with aromatic properties as well as medicinal values which could treat innumerable illness and diseases. Basil leaves also has significant antioxidant properties that could help fight free radicals that could damage cells leading to various illness and diseases.

Basil leaves could help strengthen the body’s immune system and it is often known for its natural cure for the illness of the respiratory system. People who suffer from sinus and fever due to cold, could get great relief by consuming basil leaves. Aside from sinus and fever, basil leaves can also be used to treat illnesses such as stomach worms and stomach pain. It can also be applied to wound to eliminate infections.

Basil leaves can be prepared as juice by crushing few fresh leaves and mixed with honey. Daily intake of basil juice can reduced blood cholesterol, removes acidity and cures dysentery as well as in muscular pains, colds, obesity, headaches and other common illnesses.

Compiled below are some benefits in drinking Basil Juice:

Headache and Migraine. Can be relieved if basil juice was taken regularly every morning for a week.

Insect bites. Basil juice is preventive and curative for insect bites when taking a teaspoonful repeatedly after few hours. Fresh basil juice must also applied to the affected parts. Applying the paste externally to the affected parts is also effective to cure insect bites.

Fever. Make the decoction of basil juice. Extract of basil leaves should be given in 2-3 hours to bring down the temperature.

Kidney Stone.In case of renal stone, if basil juice was taken regularly for 6 months, it will expel them via the urinary tract.

Sore throat. Gargle basil juice with warm water to sooth your sore throat.

Upper respiratory tract infection.Take a decoction from basil leaves, ginger, honey and cloves to get relief. They should be boiled in a half liter of water till only the half is left before taking.

Eye Disorder. Put two drops of basil juice into the eyes during morning and at bedtime to prevent from eye disorder.Basil juice is an effective remedy for sore eyes and night-blindness, which is generally caused by deficiency of vitamin A.

Skin disorder. Basil juice is good for treatment of ringworms and other skin diseases.

Stress. Taking basil juice helps protects and fightstress. It also purifies blood and help prevent common elements. Basil juice is an anti-stress agent.

Labor pains and child birth. Taking basil juice is also recommended to decrease labor pains and child birth.

Children’s Ailment. Cough cold, fever, vomiting and diarrhea are common pediatric problems that are responsive favorably in the juice of basil leaves. A slightly warmed basil and ginger will provide an instant relief from a child’s abdominal pains.

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