Miraculous Guyabano – Ten Health benefits of Guyabano (Soursop)

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Who knows the benefits of Guyabano?

We often enjoy eating different kinds of fruits because it tastes good. However, we may sometimes did not aware the benefit it has.

I am an avid of fruits. One of the fruits I love to eat in season is Guyabano also known in western countries as soursop.

Did you know that this fruit is considered as the most potent agent and a well known naturally fighter against cancer, ten thousand times stronger than chemotherapy? And has therefore claimed to be a miraculous as it aids the effect of tumor?

Not only that! Guyabano can also prevent Urinary Tract Infection ( UTI ).

Find out more about this spiky fruit loaded with various prevention against infection and diseases together with its health benefits!

Ten Health benefits of Guyabano (Sousop)

  1. Helps the body produce energy –  Guyabano can supply enough good amount of thiamin which is needed in the process of converting sugar into usable energy.
  2. Keep bones healthy – Guyabano is loaded with calcium about 25 percent as prevention from bone loss.
  3. Boots cholesterol levels – Guyabano is a good source of niacin which known as vitamin that is significant for a good cholesterol levels.
  4. Prevents anemia – An iron provider which prevents blood disorder.
  5. Prevents migraine – This fruit carries riboflavin which helps in the prevention of headache.
  6. Prevents Constipation –  Sousop is rich in fiber which can aid in losing weight and lowers the risk of colon problems.
  7. Prevents urinary tract infection – A good source of Vitamin C, which helps in decreasing the number of harmful bacteria present in the urinary tract.
  8. Prevents leg cramps – Like banana, guyabano is also a good source of potassium which fight against muscle weakness.
  9. Prevents water retention – It helps women lessen their premenstrual symptoms.
  10. Prevents pregnancy complications – Folate is present in soursop fruit which prevents deficiency in pregnant women in order to prevent pregnancy loss.

And of course, Guyabano can also be consumed in the form of juice. Here is how.

Guyabano Juice Preparations

  1. Wash the guyabano then cut into quarter.
  2. Scoop out the pulp with a spoon.
  3. Remove all the seeds and those hard portions.
  4. Add 2 cups of water and strain the puree using a blender.
  5. Add more water then mix with sugar and lemon juice.
  6. Chill or add ice to it.

With this, Guyabano Juice is considered prevention to some common diseases such as fever, due to its Vitamin C content. Moreover, with Vitamin C content, Guyabano juice also has minerals content which helps our bones stronger, which then prevents us from having osteoporosis and other known bone disorder.

Looking for a weight reducer? Guyabano offers you fiber which helps you rationalized your digestive process and avoid from some digestion disorder as well as reduce your appetite from craving.

What keeps you doubtful from drinking Guyabano Juice?

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128 Responses to Miraculous Guyabano – Ten Health benefits of Guyabano (Soursop)

  1. jun mercado says:

    Soursop can lower creatinine?

  2. Jinga Juice says:

    Jinga Juice -The delicious health drink with the power of two super foods – WHEATGRASS and GUYABANO.

    We have combined the wonders of wheat grass and the goodness of guyabano in one nutrition-packed refreshment!

    Taken regularly, along with a balanced diet, exercise and rest, My Jinga Juice can greatly enhance overall health and gives the body energy and resistance to diseases.


  3. Gregory Gardner says:

    Can you drink guyabano while taking chemotherapy?

    • brenda says:

      Yes! you MUST… and it is MORE EFFECTIVE if it has moringa oleifera (malunggay) Pls. text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

    • ezekiel janzen says:

      no because it is veery effective than chemotherapy. if you drink it while under in chemotherapy actualy, it may cause your cancer cell walls died

    • brenda says:

      Yes, it helps especially if it has with malunggay and power herbs… Very effective! It tastes great! For more info: Call or text me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  4. Don Slaney says:

    need to know where to buy guyabano.. have cancer and want to start drinking this juice

  5. Don Slaney says:

    please send me more info and where Ican get a supply of guyabano juice

    • rodel says:

      Guyabano, The Soursop Fruit has cancer curing abilities. The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo. ..

      Guyabano is a tree called graviola in Brazil , and “soursop” in English.

      This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types. Besides being a cancer remedy, graviola is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections, is effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and is used for depression, stress and nervous disorders.

      Research shows that with extracts from this miraculous tree it now may be possible to:

      * Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea,weight loss and hair loss
      * Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections
      * Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment
      * Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life
      * Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer..
      * The tree compounds proved to be up to 10,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug!
      * The compound extracted from the Graviola tree selectively hunts down and kills only cancer cells.

    • rodel says:

      just give me a call

    • Eric says:

      I can supply you fresh guyabano juice all natural and no preservatives added.

    • brenda says:

      Guyabano is MORE EFFECTIVE if there is power herbs… just text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

    • brenda says:

      Hello! Don, Please text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598 if you need more guyabano juice with malunggay and other power herbs..

    • brenda says:

      Don, just visit my website or Online Store @ http://fvp.ph.healthyworld.. or call or text me @ 09199543900


    i`m glad to know about the benefits of guyabano i`m just making a tea out of leaves and drink it eveready and the results is very remakable and now my blood sugar level is normal

    • Lucy Patavanich says:

      You can find it in Asian stores.

    • nestor says:

      how do you prepare guyabano leaves as tea? Do you have to dry it under the sun?

      Thank you

      • brenda says:

        you don’t need to waste your time boiling guyabano leaves. We have fresh guyabano juice with malungay which is MORE EFFECTIVE to drink… just text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

      • Vicente Manucay says:

        Do not dry it under the sun.
        Steps how to dry the guyabano leaves :
        1. Provide mosquito net.
        2. Put the leaves of guyabano into the mosquito net.
        3. Hung into open area inside your house w/c is the
        the air is accessible in the area.
        4. And let it dry into the air.

        Steps how to prepare guyabano leaves as tea.

        1. Provide 1 ltr. of water and pour it into pan
        2. Let it boil into fire up to 1 minute
        3. Put 45 pcs. of leaves into the boiling water
        4. Remove the pan into the fire
        5. And let the leaves of guyavano into hot water to become
        brownness color.


    i`m glad to know about the benefits of guyabano i`m making tea out of leaves and drink it eveready and the results is very remarkable and now my blood sugar level is normal

    • brenda says:

      That’s a great news! but if you drink fresh guyabano juice with power herbs (Malunggay) in a sachet, not only your blood sugar will be normal, but also your other heal th concerns… Pls. text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  8. raquel sarmiento says:

    good to know that guyabano is beautiful in our health.

  9. flordelyn rellin says:

    ilang baso ba dapat inumin kada araw???
    advisable ba itong inumin sa mga kulang sa timbang or anemics??
    Waiting for you reply…tnks

    • mirafe vargas says:

      Hi..alam ko bawal inumin ito if low blood ka..3x a dax inum nya 30mins before meal po..

      • annpastora Duque says:

        mas mabuti kung kumain ka na lan ng Hinog na Guyabano kung nandito ka sa Toronto pwede ka makabili sa NO FRILLS store for a reasonable na presyo mas sigurado ka na guyabano yun kinakain mo very effective nga … kung nahihirapan kan mag bawas avoidable talaga ang constipation…..

    • brenda says:

      Please text or call me for more details or answers to your questions: 09199543900 or 09267625598

    • brenda says:

      it’s better to drink guyabano natural juice drink with power herbs including malunggay… it’s easy to prepare.. it’s in a sachet – powder juice drink… If you want to try the prod. Please text or call me @ 09199543900/ 09267625598

    • brenda says:

      Guyabano natural juice drink with malunggay is good for underweight or overweight, but it has process to follow HOW.. For more info.. Pls. call or text me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  10. genelyn vergara says:

    Im taking up my theisis want to make gayubano muffins do you think it will work

    • brenda says:

      It’s better if you eat your muffins with guyabano juice with moringa oleifera – malunggay)… just text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  11. Chris Robin says:

    Guyabano is a tropical fruit. Those in the tropics have guyabanos. It is so much easy to plant. 2-3 years the leaves are all well grown. Here in the philippines it is a commont fruit. I myself, use it as a tea.

  12. Rene says:

    Hi, I’m selling guyabano and wheatgrass juice. Kindly email me at r3zoner@yahoo.com for more details. Thank you.

  13. geraldyn says:

    i have SLE and im eating guyabano now….and it really helps me alot….

    • brenda says:

      it’s much better if you’re guyabano juice has power herbs… Call or text me for more details: 09199543900/09267625598

  14. DALJEET GREWAL says:

    Please let me know where i can buy leaves of Guyabano or extract or juice or fruit .WE ARE LIVING IN BURNABY B.C CANADA . THANKS

    • brenda says:

      Hi! Daljeet, you can order fresh guyabano juice with moringa olefeira (malunggay).. And it is easy to drink… Pls. text or call me@ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  15. CRIS says:

    can we dry the guyabano leaves and boil them ? or should it only be fresh leaves

    • brenda says:

      Cris, natural guyabano juice is much better esp. with power herbs including malunggay for the immune system… Please contact me for more details: 09199543900/09267625598

    • glenda says:

      in my case i boiled the fresh leaves of the guyabano. I did it every day.

  16. lilibeth lapore says:

    My mother have a diabitic with uti problem …. But now she is ok with out medicine coz of guyabano leaves….

  17. This is a particularly difficult product name to remember, but once you get the active ingredients
    in the product time to start getting used up.

    In the West, Garcinia was just recently discovered as a weight loss of a supplement as they delay the absorption of key ingredients into the body.

  18. Chie kawasaki says:

    I’m a dealer of JINGA JUICE which is made of 2 superfoods,, the GUYABANO and WHEATHGRASS,, for more information please contact me at (facebook) MY JINGA JUICE INCORP MJJI Japan.

  19. Mel Tugade says:

    Whoever is interested with Guyabano juice pls email: jingajuiceph.be@gmail.com

  20. rain says:

    here in the Philippines you can buy Guyabano fruits, leaves and barks.

  21. Takezo says:

    Hi. daljeet. Im from the philippines. We’ve planted a lot of guyabano in our vacant lot. Email me if your still interested in guyabano.

    • reinalyn says:

      kelangan po b dried leaves.o khit po fresh leaves pde na pakuluan at inumin..

      • brenda says:

        Guyabano natural health drink with malunggay is MORE EFFECTIVE and has no side effects… rather than boiled leaves… For more info.. Pls. text or call @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  22. Takezo says:

    Cris- we just boil the whole leaves. Just dont forget to wash it before you boil it. Dont pick the very old leaves :)

  23. Takezo says:

    Cris- Fresh leaves

    • PiaErnestine says:

      Hi Takezo, I’m looking for fresh guyabano leaves and I am already thinking of buying a guyabano tree just to have a daily supply of the leaves but the problem is I can only plant it in a big pot, is this possible? Where are you located? Are you in Metro Manila?

  24. maxwell opoku says:

    There are a lot of guyabano in Ghana(Africa)my country.
    If you are interested we can do business here. I can supply you in bulk quantity.
    Thank you.

    • brenda says:

      Yeah, we can be business partner, you can sell our guyabano juice there with malunggay or moringa oleifera.. Just text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  25. Roberto says:

    If wanna have the Guyabano Juice easily just try to email me mr.butuan2010@yahoo.com or simple give me a ring 09124870600. We love to share our Juice a combination of Guyabano and Wheatgrass (also known as complete food).

  26. suplemento says:

    You already know therefore considerably in terms of this topic, produced me personally imagine it from a lot of varied angles. Its like women and men are not fascinated unless it’s something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs great. Always handle it up!

  27. rey says:

    Hi! How young of leaves of the guyabano do we need boil and how many leaves do we need boil ? Thanks – rei sotoya

  28. Mauricio says:

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  29. JIGZ says:

    boils 10-15 fresh leaves of guavanno for about 20 mins, then let it cool, drink 30 mins before meals , breakfast, lunch & dinner…it should be 1 to 1.5 liter only, 6-7 hrs the lifespan of the boild leaves, then u should boils again for the next day.. drinks 30 day only, after 30 days, go to the doctor for your check up & you’l see the healing power..

  30. JIGZ says:

    A revised article recently submitted by Ms. Reyes. Hope this answers all the questions regarding guyabano tea preparation and treatment procedures!
    Materials needed:
    a. one 8 oz. cup of shredded fresh or air dried guyabano leaves
    b. one liter water
    Use mature (but not too old) leaves. These may be fresh or dried. However, air dried or shadow dried leaves are better than fresh because the drying concentrates the medicinal properties of the plant, therefore more effective. Sun drying or oven drying is not recommended because too much heat will cook the medicinal and nutritive values of the leaves, causing them to lose their potency.
    The leaves are shredded to make extraction of the medicinal
    contents easier and more complete.
    1. Boil the water in a sauce pan.
    2. As soon as it boils, add the shredded guyabano leaves and turn
    down the heat to low.
    3. Simmer the leaves for 20 minutes.
    4. Turn off the stove. Let the tea cool, ready for drinking.
    When you prepare guyabano tea, make only enough for the day because the potency of the tea is good only for up to 7 or 8 hours. You may put the tea in the refrigerator. Any leftover tea after drinking your daily dose must be thrown out. Make a new batch of tea every day.
    a. This treatment requires drinking the tea 3 times a day, one 8 oz.
    glass of tea, 30 minutes before every meal. ( The tea is
    absorbed more easily in an empty stomach. When taken after
    meals, the tea is mixed with the food, and it has to wait for the
    food to be digested before it gets absorbed together with all
    the other nutrients. Taken before meals, the tea hits the
    bloodstream more quickly.)
    b. The g-tea, drank 3x a day, 30 minutes before meals, is taken for 30 consecutive days only. More than that, it will affect your gut flora. The tea, despite its potency, targets only the sick cells in the body, leaving the good cells unharmed. However, after 30 days, it will destroy the good bacteria in the stomach.
    c. After the 30-day treatment, have yourself checked up by a doctor to see if the disease is still there. Or, check yourself of symptoms. Are the symptoms of the illness still there? If check up result says disease free, then taper off your treatment dose to maintenance dose.
    However, if the symptoms are still there after the 30-day treatment, REST YOUR BODY (specifically your kidneys) FOR 10 DAYS, NO DRINKING OF THE G-TEA. But after the 10 days, REPEAT THE 30-DAY TREATMENT PROTOCOL.
    Even if the symptoms disappear before the repeat treatment is over, finish the 30 days to make sure that not a single sick cell is left in your body. Or else, that single sick cell will multiply very quickly, and the problem returns.
    The 30-day treatment protocol then is this: Drink g-tea 3x a day, one glass 30 minutes before each meal, for 30 consecutive days, no skipping!
    After the illness has cleared, don’t stop taking the g-tea abruptly. The maintenance dose is one glass of g-tea a day, 30 minutes before meals, taken for 5 consecutive days during the week, resting the body for 2 days. For easy remembering, drink the g-tea
    from Monday to Friday, rest on Saturday and Sunday.
    How long will one be taking the maintenance dose? For as long as you feel good taking the g-tea. Or you may taper off to the BODY TUNE UP.
    Everybody, sick or not, may take the g-tea body tune up drink. Guyabano boosts the immune system: protects against flu, coughs and colds, fever, etc.
    One glass of the g-tea, 30 minutes before a meal, at least 3 days a week, every other day. Like, drink g-tea MWF, or TThS, rest on a Sunday.
    1. DON’T OVERDO ON THE G-TEA. An overdose will cause nausea and vomiting. However, if this happens, just lessen the dose down to your tolerable level. Like, instead of one glass of g-tea, make it 1/2 glass.
    Adjust the dose for children. Maybe, 30 ml for kindergarteners, 1/2 glass for bigger kids.
    2. Don’t add or mix some other healing substances to the g-tea because of the danger of chemical incompatibility. If at all, take them at different times. But g-tea must be taken before meals.

  31. harvey cando says:

    those who wants Guyabano juice with wheatgrass here is my page https://www.facebook.com/harveycando?ref_type=bookmark you can visit and send messages anytime.. Inquiries about the products, informations, details and everything I am willing to discuss those things to you anytime :)

  32. Aida says:

    Pwede kayang uminom nito ang mababa ang hemoglabin? Reply pls.

    • brenda says:

      Yes, you can drink the guyabano natural juice drink with malunggay in a sachet.. it will increase your hemoglobin… For more info. Pls. text or call me @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  33. elpidio castrence says:

    09483936614 my number I’m interested about that .message me later. Who know about this and selling.

  34. hannah says:

    Is guyabano can also be a medicine in tyroid problem and tuberculosis?

    • brenda says:

      Yes, it can be a BIG HELP to TB and thyroid prob.. if it has malunggay and other herbs.. It’s easy to prepare coz it’s in a sachet…
      Pls. text or call for more info.. 09199543900 or 09267625598

  35. jonnadel says:

    i am selling concentrated guyabano juice here in the Philippines.

  36. jonnadel says:

    i am selling concentrated guyabano juice here in the Philippines. you can email me at jdongsal08@gmail.com

  37. vhema cijuela says:

    Y we dont, plant more guyabano trees so that many pipol cure there illness like the cancer patients. The more we plant, the more will survive to cancer a other illnesses.

  38. Lynn Paga says:

    Hi i ha a 20 year old boy and he’s on dialysis and he’s been drinking the jinga juice for his headaches he takes one sachet a day and the headache dissappear but comes back the next day I’m just wondering can it be taken long term

    • brenda says:

      Lynn, try our guyabano natural health drink with malunggay.. It’s in a sachet but powerful and effective.. Pls. text or call for more info… 09199543900 or 09267625598

  39. We offer our guyabano juice here in phillipines guyabano with wheatgrass its help fights cancer and other diseases.09335390289 txt me if you are interested.tnx.

  40. Prose says:

    am from the Philippines where this supposed miracle fruit-soursoup abounds. its an expensive fruit but for good health-sake people buy. may i have an info where i can buy the jinga juice, please? Thanks. Kindly notify me via my email add lengey@yahoo.com.ph.

  41. elva Yanza quitlong says:

    I’ve been drinking green guyavano tea. It tastes like the juice, just slight taste of the fruit juice. And together with other veggies like okra, my constipation has not been a problem. It cleanses your system.

  42. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I have my mom who has a diabetes and UTI? Is the leaves of Guyabano effective for this diseases? My mom is drinking guyabano leaf as a tea, is it acceptable? Is this tea can also cure kidney stone? I will appreciate your responses. Thanks

  43. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I have my mom who has a diabetes and UTI? Is the leaves of Guyabano effective for this diseases? My mom is drinking guyabano leaf as a tea, is it acceptable? Is this tea can also cure kidney stone? I will appreciate your responses. Thank You!

  44. brenda says:

    Try the guyabano natural health juice with malunggay … for your immune system booster… taste good and natural… no artificial preservatives.. For more info. Pls. call or text brenda @ 09199543900 or 09267625598

  45. Joyce Bisnar says:

    Hi ! Its true that guyabano is indeed good for the health. .. If ur interested to but fresh fruit and juice you can contact me at 09204928889

  46. Joyce Bisnar says:

    Hi ! Its true that guyabano is indeed good for the health. .. If ur interested to buy fresh fruit and juice you can contact me at 09204928889

  47. Malou Carpio says:

    I lived here in Reno,Nevada .I read about your guyabano natural health drink I am interested to take it for my diabetes and also my husband is always constipated and high blood pressure.Pls. Let me know how to get this..Thanks.

    • Brenda says:

      Hi! Malou, try our guyabano natural drink with malunggay extract.. Pls. Contact me if you want to try the product.. 09199543900

  48. bing says:

    last month hindi po aku na datnan ng mentration ko.pero nang umiminum na po ako nang pinakuluang dahun nang guyabanu nag light bleed po ako.bago umihe pag ka gising ko ng 4am.akala ko po dinatnan na ako pero wala dahil hangangan gumabi wala pa rin po.kung baga po hindi po napunu ang panty liner ko.ang the other day po hindi aku uminum ng guyabanu pinakuluang dahon.pag kalipas ng 5 araw uminum po ako ulit na ubos ko po ang isang petsel pag kinaumagahan ganun parin po nakaramdam ako nang pag ihe nakita ku nalang sa undies ko na my malapsaw na dugo.at nitong nakaraang gabi sumakit ang lower part ng stomach ko sa may ovary po parang pinapasok nang hangin.at kaninang umaga dinugo naman ako ng brownish color na parang my slight smelly odor.epekto po ba to nang guyabano?kini cleanse po pa ang ovary ko?salamat po. Sana matulungan mu ako.

  49. ricky says:

    hi everyone, is that guyabano fruit or juice can eliminate or prevent having a varicose veins? i’m looking for a herbal medicine for treatment.,do you have any suggestion pls..tnx

  50. this is interesting. i recommend Markizza soursop juice on amazon. the taste is just perfect.

  51. Mark Vella says:

    For those, Guyabano is a seasonal fruit. You may try to make a tea with its leaves and branches or roots. It is also effective.

  52. Abid says:

    Hi, I’m trying to know that which one is more effective for stomach cancer? the guyabano “fruit” or “leaves”?

    • Brenda says:

      Abid, guyabano juice with malunggay in a SACHET is good for that… Pls contact me for more infos. on how and where to get it.. 09199543900/ 09267625598

  53. anna says:

    Here in the philippines theres a lot of guyabano

  54. Jessie G. Agsaulio says:

    Brenda, please let me know if you have viber so that I can call you free.
    Please text to my roaming no. 0939 254 4783.

    I am interested in guyabano

  55. Leo Pakingan says:

    We have guyabano farm free for visitors
    Location: Silang, Cavite
    Number: 09161946905
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leo.pakingan?fref=ts

  56. jarma m. martinez says:

    What about the vitaplus? They also offer guavano with moringga in a sachet, I think the only difference is the preparation but the effect, boiling of dry or fresh leaves are the same, in my case hence, I cannot afford the commercially available, so I settled for the one that is easily available, which is just in our backyard, and so far it is effective.

  57. Shydelyn says:

    Pwede po bang uminom kahit kulang ng dugo? Pero may UTI?

    • Brenda says:

      Yes, this guyabano natural juice drink with malunggay in a sachet can help your UTI and iron def… Just text or call me to try the prod. itself… 09199543900

  58. Mal says:

    Can I drink guyabano juice and malunggay tea regularly

    • brenda says:

      You can try guyabano and moringa juice in a sachet.. And this you can drink regularly… For more info, Pls contact me @ 09199543900/09267625598

  59. Rachel says:

    Ok lang ba uminom ng guyabano tea leaves while nag lilipitor?

  60. Rachel says:

    Ok lang ba uminom ng guyabano tea leaves while nag lilipitor? Hindi kaya may reaction ang lipitor sa mga herbal.

    • Brenda says:

      Rachel, guyabano natural drink with malunggay in a sachet will be of big help..
      The good thing is.. This is natural and not synthetic.. So, no side effect.. Pls. Text or call me for more infos. 09199543900/09267625598

  61. tess ylagan says:

    san po b mabibili yan meron po b kyong outlet d2 sa dasmarinas cavite?

  62. ellen revilla says:

    Hi,im drinking boiled guyabano leaves…my problem is i have stomach pain and constipation. I never go to a doctor. Never take medicines,the only thing i did was to drink boiled guyabano leaves. And it really works for me coz i have my normal bowel…

  63. Gigi says:

    Just wondering if Brenda is a dealer of the guyabano natural health juice as this seems t/b her selling point every time she provides her response. As per this forum, guyabano leaves as tea, or in combination w/ malunggay (moringa) tea has proven a variety of health benefits i.e.., lower blood sugar levels, etc.. which my husband and couple of friends have experienced. In short, it doesn’t really have t/b in juice form for guyabano to be effective.

  64. Gigi says:

    Just wondering if Brenda is a dealer of the guyabano natural health juice as this seems t/b her selling point every time she provides her response. As per this forum, guyabano leaves as tea, or in combination w/ malunggay (moringa) tea has proven a variety of health benefits i.e.., lower blood sugar levels, etc.. which my husband and couple of friends have experienced. In short, it doesn’t really have t/b in juice form for guyabano to become effective.

    • brenda says:

      guyabano juice alone can help but if you want it MORE effective, its better with moringga.. Pls. contact me for more details: 09199543900/09267625598

  65. marissa a vicente says:

    Cancer free po ako noong 2006 untill nw nagkaroon po ako ultngaun ng bukol s right side ng ovary ko at ngaun po my inffection s urine… my anti biotic po ako iniinom s ngayon, pwede po bng isabay ung guyabano tree?

    • brenda says:

      Guyabano juice with malunggay can help you with your health concern.. Pls. contact me for more health infos.. 091999543900

  66. anonymous 1 says:

    This is a good site, informing people about the benefits of taking guyabano, fruits to leaves… (I didn’t include the bark because I’ve read that it contains traces of toxins – just search google for that toxins)
    But, since we are dealing with inquiries that concern one’s health lalo na ang iba ay may mga karamdaman, huwag tayo basta-basta mag-aalok ng kung anu-anong produkto at mag-bibigay ng assurance na ang produktong iyon ay puwede sa ganung karamdaman. We are not medical professionals. We are not sure kung yung iaalok ba natin ay makakabuti ba talaga or makakasama, well good kung mkakabuti nga.. e kung makasama? wala habol ang sinuman. So be careful sa pag-aalok ng mga produkto, walang masamang kumita just that ilagay lang natin sa proper context and don’t answer questions or give assurance which is outside of our capabilities. All fruits or maybe we can say miracle fruits/plants are more beneficial than those expensive products offered online..
    Just make sure that you’re the one who prepare it naturally.
    The “Simplier” the “Healthier”!

    • Brenda says:

      That’ s Good and Safe comment! But how would you prove if the product is effective or not if you will not TRY it? Or not even try to know MORE about it?

  67. Cristita says:

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede uminom ng guyabano ang lowbood

  68. brenda says:

    Yes, you can drink guyabano juice esp.with malunggay in a sachet.. Pls text or call brenda @ 09199543900

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