Oregano Leaves Health Benefits

Oregano, famous for Filipinos for curing cough, are natural species we use in our kitchen and in fact herbal medicine too.  It is a perennial herb growing from 20-80 cm tall particularly used widely in Greek and Italian cuisines. Its leaves have an aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste. Although it is usually thought of as a culinary herb, it has also been used medicinally for thousands of years now.

In the Philippines, it is widely used as herbal medicine as it contains rosmarinic acid compound which serves oregano an anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which has been proven to treat infections of the reproductive tracts, and ideally for women who have just given birth. With the anti-oxidant properties, oregano helps fight free radicals in the body which causes cellular damage and accelerate aging.

The leaf of this herbal plant is considered the most useful part. It can be juice to treat common ailments such as cough, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis and dyspepsia. Ear aches can also be cure by the infusion prepared from its leaves.

9 Benefits of Oregano Leaves:

  1. Heals wounds, stings and insect bites.
  2. Treatment of urinary tract problems.
  3. It has anti-aging properties.
  4. It helps prevent degenerative arthritis.
  5. Relieve asthma and bronchitis.
  6. Relieve cough, cold and sore throat.
  7. Relieve indigestion.
  8. For general good health.
  9. Sleeping problem remedy.

Oregano Leaves Preparation and Uses:

  1. Get a handful of oregano leaves that can give at least a tablespoon of its juice.
  2. Wash the leaves with water to free them from dirt.
  3. Boil it in a cup of water for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the water then extract the juice by squeezing the leaves with fingers.
  5. Put the extracted juice in a clean cloth and give it a final squeeze, so that the dirt and tiny pieces of leaves will remain in the cloth.
  6. Put the juice in a tablespoon and have a sugar ready to compete with the not so good taste of the juice.
  7. For common colds treatment, drink half a cup three times daily.
  8. For sore throat treatment, take two tablespoonful 2 hours before or after meal.
  9. For degenerative arthritis prevention and good health, take a decoction of oregano daily.

Having upset stomach, try oregano leaves! It is proven to calm the upset stomach and aid digestion, by promoting the secretion of digestive juices. For the ladies, if you are suffering from your menstrual period, and sometimes comes along with migraine? Oregano concoction will help you manage pain as well as in tooth ache. From oral application of oregano juice, teeth and gums could get a great benefit as the bacteria forming plaque and cause gum disease destroys.

In addition, being rich source of Vitamin A and carotene, oregano helps maintain a healthy skin as it prevents skin against acne, whiteheads and pimples.

You may also find that regular consumption of Oregano will help you combat some common ailments associated with different health problems. Try it now!

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15 Responses to Oregano Leaves Health Benefits

  1. Pidrus says:

    Good Day,

    We are grower of Organic Oregano.
    Producing Oregano Fresh Juice.
    Also our Homemade “Sal de Mar” Oregano Seasalt.
    Oregano Vinegar, Banana Vinegar, Malunggay Vinegar, etc.
    We are looking for costumer.

  2. say says:

    hi …does a juice of oregano can cure gonorhea?

  3. Glen Graves says:

    Oregano does have healing power. I injured a tendon in my hand 18 years ago and it wouldn’t get well until I started swallowing a handful of oregano each day. Oregano also has a tranquilizing affect on me. I wish I had been taking oregano years ago.

  4. Lloyd L. Sevigny says:

    Any information concerning natural and herbal remedies are important to me. This post on Oregano is informative and I will be adding to my daily herbal “diet”…Thank you for having posted this information

  5. Yes it is proven that oregano leaves can cure, and it is pure organic medicine. Natural medicine

  6. errol solis says:

    where we can buy oregano juice and oil?

  7. BELEN S. ENOT says:

    I take Oregano juice when I have fever, cold, bronchitis and for me it is proven that I immediate cured. I plant a lot of oregano in my backyard.

  8. kittycruz says:

    i try fresh oregano leaves for my asthma

  9. raquel hernandez says:

    Oregano leaves can heal coughs.I have been experiencing dry coughs for the last 1 1/2 weeks.I tried oregano leaves plus lemon.Mucus started coming out with just overnight treatment…from white to green.It works.It is good that I am not allergic to any kind of mint like this.

  10. anja hansen says:

    It grows wild in Portugal mountains near Algarve and when Ilived there it was the daily thee consumption.

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