Healing Power of Garlic Juice

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Who doesn’t know the healing effect of garlic? We might just considered garlic as a simple culinary herb. But have you ever heard the medicinal properties it posses? At home, when someone in your family suffers from high blood pressure … Continue reading

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Tamarind Health Benefits (Sampaloc)

Have you ever tried to rest under a huge tree? Having long heavy branches and condensed cluster of leaves usually reach up to 80 feet in height?  It looks like a shelter, but probably, you did not know the medicinal … Continue reading

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Green Apple Health Benefits

Did I mention Green Apple? Drinking 100 percent pure apple juice is essential way to acquire the benefits of an apple. But medical studies suggested that, green apple is one of the most important fresh juices, as it lowers the bad … Continue reading

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Amazing Benefits of Camote Tops Leaves (Talbos ng Kamote)

Talbos ng Kamote or a Sweet Potato Tops is one of those vegetables I planted in our backyard during my childhood, but I never eat them all the time for some reasons. It is easily grown and does not require … Continue reading

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Pandan Leaves Health Benefits

Natural plants have unique varieties which can aid different ailments. One of these popular I guess is the Pandan Leaves. I have this plant in my garden which I frequently use in cooking rice and some various desserts. Recently, I … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Guava

Should I start with the fact that guava is not just a fruit? Or should I say its fruit and leaves have many nutrient contents and great benefits as well? In this article, you’ll definitely find out some various effects … Continue reading

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Amazing Spinach Juice Benefits

From where does Popeye the sailor obtain all his power to fight? As the children reply, it comes from spinach that gives the lean sailor such immense muscle! Spinach is a nutritional plant grown in a year-round in most climates. … Continue reading

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Oregano Leaves Health Benefits

Oregano, famous for Filipinos for curing cough, are natural species we use in our kitchen and in fact herbal medicine too.  It is a perennial herb growing from 20-80 cm tall particularly used widely in Greek and Italian cuisines. Its … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Bitter melon(Ampalaya)

Ampalaya, also called Bitter Gourd or Bitter melon, is an abundant vegetable that is famous to every Filipino. A tropical plant commonly grown for its edible fruit, probably among the most bitter of all vegetables on earth which is use … Continue reading

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Calamansi Juice Health Benefits

Most often, we suffer from ailments caused by infection of different microorganism in our body, due to our immune system. Most conscious people consider natural method of treatment rather than chemicals. In boosting the body’s immune system, citrus fruits are … Continue reading

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