Mangosteen, Treatment for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a common problem experiencing by almost half of the population of women all over the world and is most common cause of death in women in an early age of 45. It is caused by uncontrolled growth of cell tissues of the breast. Nowadays, breast cancers are being detected in earlier stage and survival rates are become high in number. Although it is common in women, it can also occur in men but the chance is very small.

With the majority of women detected with breast cancer, a result of abnormality may see on a mammogram. A study of breast using x rays which shows the fibrous, fatty and glandular tissues. Mammogram can detect disease as early as possible and may increase the chance of women in getting breast cancer and more likely to be curable.

If you feel unusual in your breast, consult to a doctor immediately to do the proper examination. You might be treated by medical means. However, there is herbal treatment for breast cancer. One treatment by herbal means is by drinking mangosteen juice. Mangosteen juice is made by pulping the whole fruit, which strains it and pasteurizes the juice. It is important to make the juice from the whole fruit because most of the benefits are found in the hull or rind.

Mangosteen is a fruit containing powerful antioxidant for it contain xanthone, which has anti-cancer effects such as breast cancer.

According to a study, Mangosteen has the ability to destroy breast cancer cells. There are innumerable breast cancer patient seeking treatment having the condition on their breast that starting to rot and removing fluids are those on stage 4 cancer patients who only have up to 8 weeks to live. But mangosteen juice could give a second life.

Some Tips in Pureeing Mangosteen

1. Pick out mangosteen that has deep purple color and skin free from yellowing. The flesh should be firm yet yield to light pressure when touched by your fingers.
2. Using a knife, cut the mangosteen into two. Use apron and gloves because mangosteen might stain.
3. Handle the cut mangosteen with hands. The flesh part which you will consume looks like a small orange.
4. Place the outer rind in a separate container which contains vitamins and minerals.
5. Boil water. In a food processor, puree the outer rind.
6. Add the puree rind into the water and let it cool.
7. Add sugar to sweeten because the results will be slightly bitter.

There are number of places selling mangosteen juice concentrate. However, it is highly suggest, make a mangosteen juice on your own using fresh fruit. Many individuals has proved mangosteen a breast cancer destroyer!

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  3. I do believe that this fruit among others have cancer fighting agents, very interesting article, thank you.

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